Missional Communities (MC’s) are our smaller mid-week gatherings in people’s homes. An MC will normally be 6-8 people and will meet together for around 2 hours, normally late afternoon / evening.

The format for an MC is clear and easy to follow! Every week we eat, pray, read God’s Word, and discuss what the passage says.


MC’s are about us practically living out the Great Commandment to “love one another” (Mark 12:28-31). We long to see God grow us as we love, learn and live for Jesus in community.   

Alongside this we also desire to be outward in our focus. Being a tangible blessing to all people within our community / area is so important to us! We do this through sharing Jesus in our actions and words, motivated by the call to “make disciples” within our particular context - Matthew 28:19-30)

We would love for you to join an MC. We believe that God works in great power when people are in community and under the Word. 

If you would like to be a part of one, have any questions or would like some more information, do contact us on: info@dennistounbaptist.co.uk